Paramadharmawardhanaramaya, Boralesgamuwa
Gallery - Old Photos
01. Most Venerable Forefathers
02. Old Demigod Shrine
The town folks of the vicinity, having taken refuge in the most noble Triple Gem wholeheartedly and catering to the requirement of the temple also seeked the blessings of the Gods as well. To fulfill this obligation the then chief prelate the Most Venerable Veralugasthanne Pemananda thero took steps to build a demigod shrine close to the sacred Bo tree. That was just after 1948. The chief incumbent Venerable Raththota Seelawansa thero had it renovated and restructured. By 2014, March 12th the work in it got fully completed and was opened to the devotee public.
03. Old Dwelling
Don Suvaris Ramanayaka - hailing from Raththanapitiya and a deputy police headman by profession, desired to perform a "Katina cheevara puja" (a very meritorious religious ceremony done only once a year). He wanted to have this in a newly built temple house in one of his own lands there just for the purpose. Upon hearing it the chief prelate, most venerable Lenadora Shri Dhammarakhkhitha thero of Paramadhammanivesa pirivena agreed most graciously to appoint a student of his, most venerable Dr. Dankande Upatissa to do the needful. Overjoyed, Police headman Don Suvaris started construction work immediately on the very next day and completed building the temple house in a single month.

Then on the evening of 14th of July 1927, which was the full moon day he escorted most respectfully the said priest to begin his rainy season formalities. These include observation of precepts prescribed to most venerable reverend Buddhist monks to follow through all four ensuing months until the "Katina cheevara ceremony" which culminates with the newly sewn robe offered to the said monk. All four essentials prescribed requisites of food, drink, medicine if needed and housing were seen to by Don Suvaris to his heart's desire as wished during this entire rainy season. On the noon of 30th October, with the Katina cheevara ceremony duly performed saw to the culmination of the rainy season austerities. The most venerable Dankande Upatissa thero continued to live in the same temple house. Two years later on the 7th of June, 1929 most venerable Veralugasthanne Pemananda a novice monk and a dear student of Matale sect chief prelate and head of Nigrodharama temple at Nagolla, was said to have arrived to reside in the same temple house.

During this time, the "Temple Alms Committee" of the above temple house bought another block of land from Don Suvaris with the intention of building a new complete temple. In 1931 on the 26th of January, the land got surveyed with demarcating columns set at an auspicious time. The deed prepared on 2nd March same year. Later on the 27th of July this newly constructed temple was inaugurated with a traditional ceremony presided over by the chief prelate of the training monastery most venerable Lenadora Dhammarakhkhitha Thero. At the same time the most venerable Dr. Dankande Upatissa and most venerable Veralugasthanne Pemananda Theros moved to live there permanently, leaving behind this temple house constructed by Don Suvaris Ramanayake.
04. Old Sthupa
The purest pure white pagoda of the Paramadharmawardhanarama temple takes a very significant place. It was planned and designed by the "Sri Sujatha lay women's society", with the help of the contributions made by the townsfolk of Raththanapitiya and those around. In 1954 the foundation stone was laid and the construction work was completed in no time thanks to the funds gifted by the well wishers. According to the records the ceremonies of pinnacle laying and deposition of relics had taken place in 1955.

The ancient pagoda had a Gauthama Buddha statue in the front and statues of all twenty four Lord Buddhas around and stones were bestrewn on the compound.
05. Old Bo Tree
All outdoor religious activities take place in the Bo tree arena. On 23rd October 1933, the foundation stone laying to construct a protective wall around the Bo tree had taken place. On 29th of December same year the construction work was completed. In 1934 on the 23rd of January which was the full moon day, amidst the devoted chanting of "Sadhu! Sadhu!" it was inaugurated. Fifty years later in 1984, on the 18th of June with proper facilities to offer flowers, incense and oil lamps it was renovated.

After another 30 years, in 2004, the then chief prelate most venerable Veralugasthanne Pangnananda thero had the Bo tree arena and the protective wall renovated again. It was inaugurated by the late most venerable Bellana Sri Gnanawimala thero on the 5th of February 2004. There were two Buddha Statues in opposite sides of the Bo tree. Furthermore, there was space made available not only to perform religious offerings, but also for the purpose of meditation.
07. Old Entrance
The history of the simple, but massive wall tower in front of the entrance of Paramadharmawardhanarama Temple begins from 1993. The top part of the wall tower is restored in the latter part of 2015.
06. New Bo Tree
In 2016, the Bo tree arena was renovated with 28 Buddha statues, a golden fence, an upper terrace, a glim area and a great wall as a concept of the present chief prelate Venerable Raththota Seelawansa thero. These photos were taken in the renovation period.
08. Old Monks' Residence
The then Alms Committee bought another piece of land belonging to Don Suvaris to build the present temple. The survey columns were planted at an auspicious time to demarcate the land in 1931 on the 26th January. The deed prepared on the 2nd March 1931. The house warming ceremony of this temporary dwelling was held under the auspices of Venerable Lenadora Dhammarakkhitha thero. Simultaneously Venerable Dankande Upatissa and Venerable Veralugasthanne Premananda theros came to live there. In 30th July 1931, the two monks began their very first rainy season formalities upon the invitation of the town folks.

In 1936 May 22nd at the auspicious time of 01.04 p.m. the groundbreaking ceremony to lay the foundation to build a residence for the monks was held. The same year the chief prelate of Boralesgamuwe Paramadhammanivesa Pirivena, Most Venerable Lenadora Dhammarakkhitha thero laid the foundation stone at a quiet ceremony. In the same year on 5th July, eight stalwart Buddhists were ceremoniously invited to lay the foundation stone. On that day a sum of Rs.140 was collected as donations. On the 5th November 1943, the so built brand new residence was offered to the order of Buddhist monks, at a ceremony held by "Siri Sujatha lay womens' society" with the support of well-wishers in the presence of about 30 Buddhist monks.
09. New Monks' Residence
In 2016, the Residence arena was renovated with hostel for monks, relic chambers and alms hall as a concept of the present chief prelate Venerable Raththota Seelawansa thero. These photos were taken in the renovation period.