- Paramadhamma Foundation
Paramadharmawardhanaramaya, Boralesgamuwa
Paramadhamma Foundation
The temple centered "Paramadhamma Foundation" carries out many social service activities. They are of 5 streams.
01. Gami Saviya - Strengthening of The Town Folk
Sri Lankan development today is fore mostly infrastructure based physical one. Yet a country cannot step forward without its human resource development. Thus physical infrastructure development must go hand in hand with human resource development. Therefore the main objective of the foundation is to instill spiritual development by conducting workshops and seminars. At the same time enabling opportunities for self employment; providing economic upliftment and credit facilities and material donations, are other services that the foundation hopes to offer.
02. Sisu Saviya - Strengthening of Students
"Today's child is country's caretaker tomorrow". Based on this ideology the foundation expects to conduct programmes to develop the skills of the students as well as the academic knowledge. Children with economically deprivation will be given allowances, material needs and counseling. This project is launched in the month of December every year. Donations can be made to strengthen these services.

* Monthly bursary - Rs.1000

* Material Donations -
  • 80 pg exercise books
  • 120 pg exercise books
  • 160 pg exercise books
  • 200 pg exercise books
  • CR2 books
  • CR4 books
  • Drawing books
  • Childrens' story books
  • Ball point pens
  • Pencils
  • Erasers
  • Instrument boxes
  • Staplers
  • Water bottles
  • School bags
03. Mapiya Saviya - Strengthening of Parenthood
Parents are an asset to any society. They feed us with much effort. They provide constant care. They have four noble qualities, which are loving kindness, compassion, mercifulness and tolerance. They give us unconditional love which can't be measured. It's the duty and responsibility of a society to safeguard their wellbeing. They should be treated with reverence. Realising the importance of these aspects we have established this project. The objective of this community service is to upgrade their contentment by providing health services; nutritional foods; medicine as well as councelling services.
04. Suva Saviya - The Community Health Service
"Paramadhamma Foundation" of the temple provides many welfare services towards the community. These services consist mainly in five ways. The most predominant of these is the health oriented "Suva Saviya" programme. "GOOD HEALTH IS THE BEST PROFIT OF ALL" preached Lord Buddha. Accordingly the foundation expects to develop a healthy society through inculcating good habits amongst the people. Disabled or folks with special needs or the economically deprived are given special focus. It is the objective of the foundation to provide them with medical help, equipment and other necessary items.
01. The spectacle distributing charity event which was held in Raththota, Alakolamada area in Matale District
02. The distribution program of dry products to Maharagama Cancer Hospital organized by the lay women's society
05. Dam Saviya - Inculcating The Doctrine
To quieten a disturbed mind can be a difficult task. Getting ahead in life in keeping with the modern technology though essential, one has to be trained to sift off the unnecessary. If not, a turbulent mind will be the result, which is detrimental not only to self but the whole society. If Buddhists learn to quieten the mind they will be successful in this life and beyond. In line with this we have launched religious programmes and Dhamma books publishing programmes to achieve a society free of mental stress and mental imbalance.