- Construction
Paramadharmawardhanaramaya, Boralesgamuwa
Construction of dwelling places for monks and offering it to the Sangha; Renovation of temple buildings, building of Pagodas, build up shrine room all come under "Aawasa Dhaana". As Lord Buddha has preached, these are known as accumulating merits which is a very high meritorious deed. If somebody has offered any of these items it is considered as if he has donated all.
The new building to house the monks dwelling, relic chambers, monks hostel and alms hall which is under construction at Paramadharmawardhanarama temple in Raththanapitiya, Boralesgamuwa is estimated to cost about Rs. 300 lakhs. The generous donations of the laymen and laywomen of the purlieu and other large hearted noble people are welcome. Contributions can be made for one square foot or more.

Total area in square feet 8000
Price per square foot Rs. 5000.00
We appeal with anticipation for your maximum support towards this supreme, religious task which is considered to be one of the eight most prominent meritorious deeds and which will also benefit the future generations to come.

Donations -
Name of the Bank Bank of Ceylon
Bank Branch Nugegoda
Name of the Account Paramadharmawardhanaramaya
Account Number 76572752
Bags of Cement (Tokyo/Sansthaa/LNT) 2000
River Sand (Cubic Meters) 1000
Bricks 100 000
6/9 Crush Rocks (Cubic Meters) 80
3/4 Crush Rocks 35
Y10/12/1,6,R6 Iron Rod (Lanva) 600 Honders

Current Progress -

Contact Us -
Ven. Ratthota Seelawansa Thero (President) 011 - 2518551 011 - 2517373
Mr. R.Jayasena (Secretary) 011 - 2518704 071 - 1098211
Mr. M.D.Gunasena (Treasurer) 011 - 2801633 077 - 5907916
Address - "Avasa" Development Committee, Paramadharmawardhanaramaya, Raththanapitiya, Boralesgamuwa.